Groups Offered

Couples Therapy Group

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This group is for couples who want to enhance their therapy experience through learning with and from other couples, just like you. Based on principles of attachment, emotional connection and good communication, you will practice and observe other couples effectively working through conflicts and connecting at a deeper level. You will find that you and your partner are not alone in the difficult and rewarding experience of marriage.

Child Parent Relationship Training Group

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 This group is for parents of children with mild to moderate behavioral problems, anxiety or other symptoms. As part of a 10-week course, parents will learn to facilitate an at-home therapeutic play time for their child. Different from a typical parenting class, you will not be learning parenting skills. Rather you will be learning how to be a therapeutic agent of change for your child. This group is for parents with interest in play therapy for their child, but who also want to be more involved in the treatment of their child.