Child & Family Counseling


Marriage and Family Clinic of Utah offers a unique playful and family approach to resolving your child's mental health concerns.

Whether your child struggles with anxiety or behavioral problems, your family is struggling with divorce or conflict, or you and your child have suffered more serious traumas such as abuse or neglect, family play therapy can help you heal.  Family play therapy uses the natural language of children - play - to encourage your child's engagement in therapy. Family play therapy also emphasizes family relationships and bonds as the key element in healing.

You, as parents, are collaborators in this therapeutic work. You are the key to long-lasting security and emotional health for your children. We admire the bravery and foresight of parents who are not ashamed to seek help early when their children are struggling. Through a combination of child, family and parent consultation sessions, we will develop an individual plan to meet the needs of your child and family.

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